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Scanning Control Switch Program

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Learning Two Switch Step Scanning

Learning Two Switch Step Scanning - Program #553 is a software program designed to teach the single switch user the concept of two switch step scanning. It is designed for single switch cause & effect users that are ready to move to the next level. The program is comprised of 21 activities grouped into 7 lessons. The activities are in the form of fun filled graphical games where the lesson concepts are embedded. The activities are purely graphical and do not require any reading ability. The

Tecla Access

Tecla Access is an alternative computer and cell phone control switch program and a scanning control switch program designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities. This application (or app) allows a person to use adapted switches or the driving controls of their powered wheelchair as wireless accessibility switches. Tecla Access is designed to be used with the Tecla Shield (see separate entry), which interfaces with a variety of switch inputs and transmits via Bl

Parent Category: Motor Disability Access

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