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Alternative Cell Phone Control Switch Program

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Adapted Hands-Free Bluetooth

The Adapted Hands-Free Bluetooth is designed for use by individuals with limited upper extremity coordination and strength as a result of spinal cord injury, stroke, Gillian-Barre syndrome or muscular dystrophy.  Users first pair their phone with the Bluetooth speaker phone, then press their switch to answer the phone; press again to hang up. Bluetooth speaker phone has superior sound, echo cancellation and noise reduction. The Bluetooth is compact and fits on any tabletop, wheelchair tray, or b

Cyber Eyez

The Cyber Eyez are smart glasses designed for users who are blind or partially blind. The smart glasses has 33% larger screen than the M100 that can slide back and forth to adjust for a custom focal length. The M300 has all the same features and apps as the M100, but has a faster processor, larger screen and different mounting options based on a rail mounting style system. Additional features: real-time magnification up to 15X with no lag, read text in over 100 languages with no internet connect

DIY Audio Button for Android Smartphone

Audio Button for Android Smartphone is designed for use by individuals with limited mobility to provide access to Android phones.

Google Glass V3.0 Explorer Edition Cotton White Glasses

The Google Smart Glasses offers universal, wearable computing. It is essentially a hands-free phone that utilizes augmented reality. Its built-in accessibility features (i.e., voice activation and eye and head control) can assist users who have limited motor functions. Google Glass can also be controlled with an external switch, keyboard, or button if users are unable to use the touch screen that controls it by default, and it can be modified to operate a user's power wheelchair. It is recommend


iWalk is a prototype navigation service designed for blind and low vision people that intends to provide GPS and location information using speech input for destination selection, integrated local business search, spoken turn-by-turn navigation directions and speech cues in the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

New Blue 2

The NEW Blue 2 is a switch designed for individualists with dexterity or mobility issues. The NEW Blue2 switch provides a sleek, modern design with new features that make it compatible with all switch accessible apps. Also new to Blue2 is the ability to toggle the on-screen keyboard on and off for iOS devices and a built-in rechargeable battery.Includes rechargeable battery.Requires 40% less pressure to activate than the original Blue2. Features two external switch jacks. Program custom keystrok


The NextAlert is designed for use by seniors or individuals with mobility or other disabilities. It is a medical alert unit that allows communication directly through the pendant, both inside and outside the user's house. The alert system works over its own independent cellular network, without the need of an outside phone line. In the event of an emergency, operators are able to contact the user's emergency contacts. 

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is designed for all users but can be useful for individuals with limited upper extremity coordination and strength as a result of spinal cord injury, stroke, Gillian-Barre syndrome, or muscular dystrophy. The device works by placing Galaxy smartphones, and other Qi-compatible devices to be charged directly onto the charging pad. The user will connect the wireless charging pad to a power source and place their device onto the charging pad. The built-in LED indica


The seeBoost is a wearable assistant aid designed for individuals with low vision or vision impairment. The device uses the latest digital technology and prescription glasses to improve central vision. It consists of a pair of prescription glasses and a small, lightweight device fitted onto the lens of the eye with better vision. This device utilizes scientifically proven techniques in video processing for improving functional vision of persons coping with AMD.

Tecla Access

Tecla Access is an alternative computer and cell phone control switch program and a scanning control switch program designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities. This application (or app) allows a person to use adapted switches or the driving controls of their powered wheelchair as wireless accessibility switches. Tecla Access is designed to be used with the Tecla Shield (see separate entry), which interfaces with a variety of switch inputs and transmits via Bl

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