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Lacing Aid

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Ez Mornings Tool Pak

The EZ Mornings Tool Pak features made-to-last dressing aids specially designed for those with Arthritis, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or those recovering from surgery. The EZ Mornings Tool Pak includes: 1. Button-hook/zipper-pull tool for dressing without hurting finger joints. 2. 18-inch stainless steel shoehorn that allows the user to put on shoes without bending down. 3. Pull-cord sock aid for putting on socks without strain. 4. 3 pairs of no-tie shoe

Flip Lacer

Flip Lacer is a shoe lacing aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or amputation. This device allows the user to pull laces tight with one hand. This self-locking plastic device has no moving parts and interlaces with standard lace up shoes. Shoes can be opened wide to slip feet in, then the device can be used to pull the laces tight and tie the final knot. The device has a locking position for small children and a relaxed mode for relaxing laces for comfort. COLOR

Kplcw Low Cut Flex Bottom Sole Athletic

The sole of KeepingPace Children's Footwear KPLCW Low Cut Flex Bottom Sole Athletic was expressly designed to facilitate the modification, buildup and fabrication process. The design of the shoe utilizes a range of RUVA, and crepe material that can be quickly and easily modified to meet the user's needs. The outsole of the KeepingPace Children's shoe is a combination of a RUVA shell with a rubber outsole permanently molded to the RUVA. The RUVA is lightweight, flexible and provides excellent cus

Loopeez Shoe Aid

For special needs children and adults, shoe tying can sometimes be a difficult process. Loopeez shoe tying aids are designed to be essential tools for teaching shoe tying, and in the assistance of rehabilitation. Loopeez act as an extra hand to help those who may have dexterity or fine motor disabilities.


The Nobow-Shoetie is a shoe aid designed for individuals with upper extremity disabilities, arthritis, back pain, or who have had strokes, or individuals with low vision. This device is a small piece of leather-like plastic that is laced into the top of the shoe, allowing the shoe laces to be attached and secured. To place the device onto the shoe, the user unties the laces to the level at which the narrow end of the device will be attached to the shoe. Once the NOBOW has been laced onto the sho

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