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House with Built In Automation

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Flip A Grip Folding Support Handle

The Flip a grip folding support handle is designed for individuals that have balance difficulties, anyone with poor special awareness, or those who need a little extra help walking through doorways. This product glows in the dark so it is visible in the dark when those with visual impairment may benefit from its use. It mounts on doorways or on the stairs or between a door and a screen door. Product can be folded away when not needed. Latex-free non slip grip.


Sliding Gentleman Patio Door Operator

The Sliding Gentleman is a powered patio door kit designed to automate a patio door and provide barrier free access for people with mobility issues. Although patio doors provide great access for wheel chair entry and exit, without automation, many clients are unable to move a cumbersome patio door. The operator allows manual use of the door by those not requiring the automatic opener. This kit includes the custom pneumatic opener, Liftmaster MyQ wireless controls, 100 feet of air tubing, 12 VDC

Smartbuilt Home

The SmartBuilt Home is an house with built-in automation designed for use by individuals with mobility or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. The house has built-in home automation that links lighting, electrical outlets, HVAC (heating-ventilation-air conditioning) and home entertainment to a central computer, allowing them to be operated from anywhere in the home, or remotely via telephone or the internet. In-wall touchscreens show the status of the entire home through simple gr

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