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All Terrain Walkaroos

These All Terrain Walkeroos are designed for individuals who use walkers to get around. The Walkaroos are supportive tips for walkers. They glide and move smoothly across carpet and floors while offering stability. Easy to install: remove old cap, put Walkaroo on and twist in place to secure. Comes in sets of 2. Designed not to catch on or mark flooring. Made of high density polyethylene. Non-porous material decreases chance of spreading harmful germs. Comes in a set of 2.

Automatic Chicken Waterer

Back And Joint Pain Reliever

The Back and Joint Pain Reliever is a machine that replicates the pain-relieving effects of inversion therapy while lying flat on one's back. Padded ankle and arm supports hold the body in place on the cushioned bench, while an easy-to-reach lever allows users to extend feet downward by applying only the amount of force that they find most comfortable. The result is a reviving stretch that relieves pressure on the spine as well as decompresses the joints in the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

Baseline Posture Elevator

Baseline Posture Elevator is designed for use by therapists, chiropractors or physicians to help analyze the posture of a person.  The measurements can be used for assessment as well as to document postural changes.  A pointer angle is used in conjunction with the grid to calculate alignment.

Baseline Posture Grid

The Baseline Posture Grid is designed to help analyze the posture of a person so that it can be assessed and improved if necessary. A suspension cord and plumb bob is used in conjunction with the grid to calculate alignment. 

Bed Assist For Home Style Beds With Cushioned Hand Grip

Bed Assist Handle for Home Style Beds with Cushioned Hand Grip is designed for persons with limited mobility, the elderly, or those who have difficulty with balance, as it helps the user get in and out of bed safely. To set up, slide between the box spring and mattress. Laminated wood base. Cushioned hand grip.

Deep Penetrating Infrared Lifght (Dpl)

This Deep-Penetrating Infrared Light (DPL) is designed for individuals with arthritis or fibromyalgia or any disability which causes poor circulation or tight muscles and/or achy joints. Stimulates cellular regeneration and activates endorphins which block pain-transmitting chemicals or nerves. Can replenish skin cells and stimulate the formation of elastin, a regenerating protein, and collagen, a structural protein/connective tissue. Not intended to diagnosed, treat, curve, or prevent any disea

Ergonomic Swivel Chair Lock

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype a swivel ergonomic chair with a controlled locking mechanism to control the swivel feature of the chair for an individual with musculoskeletal issues. A young man found that he would inadvertently swivel his chair seat relative to his torso and the twisted posture exacerbated his existing musculoskeletal problems. The man wanted the ability to lock out the swivel as well as have the option to swivel the seat when getting in and out of the c

Hydrovescent Therapy Bath

The Hydrovescent Therapy Bath, by Premier Care in Bathing®, is designed to relieve aches and pains associated with arthritis, high blood pressure or hypertension, migraines, muscle cramps, Rheumatism, sprains, tension, stress, Diabetes, Lumbago, Multiple Sclerosis, poor blood circulation, and Sciatica stiffness. Hydrovescent Therapy is available on every Walk-In Bath by Premier Care in Bathing®.

Incredihugger Wheelchair Back

The IncrediHugger Wheelchair Back is a wheelchair back support designed for use by wheelchair users with cerebral palsy, neurological disabilities, scoliosis, or upper extremity disabilities. This replacement back can be custom molded to fit the user's body contours. Its lateral supports help discourage side leaning, and its seat recline of up to 30 degrees discourages front sliding. The back has four inches of height adjustment, and may be folded with the wheelchair. The back comes in a standar

Lightweight Half Step

This Lightweight Half Step is designed for persons with limited lower body mobility or anyone with walking disabilities. It is for those who find going up or down steps challenging. The Lightweight Half Step is designed to reduce the step height for older and for disabled people. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Made from durable recycled heavy duty plastic. Stable in sunlight and freezing conditions. Top of step has a cross hatch design providing a textured, nonslip service. Can be leveled b

Lumbar Massage Heating Pad

The Lumbar Massage Heating Pad is designed for individuals with a permanent or short-term disability that affects the lower back- specifically, the lumbar region. It also has a heat option, with two settings, that operates independently from the massage. Can be secured around the torso with adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners. Contains two massaging nodes that target the five lumbar vertebrae. Nodes vibrate to massage. Heat automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. The pad is operated with a teth

Metatarsal Cushion

This Metatarsal cushion is meant to cushion the balls of the feet and relieve pressure in the middle foot. The stretchy polymer gel pads relieve pressure in the middle foot area. They come in a pair or a left and right set. Can be slipped over second toe so it will stay in place. Corrected foot support promotes better posture.

Posture Corrective Brace

The Posture Corrective Brace is a back brace designed for use by individuals who have a disability, like osteoporosis and postural disturbances or a condition that causes hunching or slouching, and designed to return those individuals’ back to a healthier stature. Reduces lower back pain, slouching, and hunching. Holds shoulder and back in a healthier position. Easily adjustable hook-and-loop closure increases and decreases the amount of support and pressure. Soft, non-elastic straps provide a s

Rollz 2-In-1 Transporter

This Rollz 2-in-1 Transporter is designed for individuals who find it difficult to walk but can walk with the proper walking aid. This 2-in-1 transported is a walker and a wheelchair. The handles turn around to where they are supposed to be for an aid whom pushes the wheelchair. The handles turn back around to where they are supposed to be for using this product as a walker. It crosses doorsteps and curbs easily. Folds up easily to pack in the trunk or closet. Front wheels swivel 360 degrees. Fo

Roosevelt Car Seat

Roosevelt Car Seat is designed to promote safety and comfort for children with special health needs such as cerebral palsy, mobility and neurological disabilities. The Roosevelt Car Seat accommodates children weighing up to 115 lbs. or 62" tall, and can be used with either a lap belt or a lap shoulder belt combination, allowing you to use the Roosevelt Car Seat in any forward facing rear vehicle seat. The car seat is LATCH compliant for children up to 48 pounds, and includes an EZ-Tether connec

Scoliometer (Model 5055)

The Scoliometer, model 5055, is designed for use by physical therapists and other medical professionals to measure curvature of the spine. It measures six areas to detect scoliosis, and provides three measurements to detect abnormal anteropostero curves. It can be used to evaluate progress during treatment, without X-rays. It also measures the unstable lumbosacral curve as well as the cervical and thoracic curves. The device is calibrated in centimeters, millimeters, and degrees. It is latex-fre

Scoliometer (Model Mdsp121091)

The Scoliometer, model MDSP121091, is designed for use by physical therapists and other medical professionals to detect scoliosis and abnormal antero-postero curves of the spine. It also measures unstable lumbosacral, cervical, and thoracic curves in centimeters, inches, and degrees.

Sideminder Wheelchair Back (Models Mdtsm16, Mdtsm18, & Mdtsm20)

The SideMinder Wheelchair Back is a wheelchair back support designed for use by wheelchair users with cerebral palsy, neurological disabilities, or upper extremity disabilities. This steel replacement back features up-and-down and side-to-side adjustments that provide lateral support to prevent leaning to one side. This back adapts to fit non-standard size chairs. OPTIONS: Available with or without lateral supports and headrest. SIZES: Avialable for 16-inch seat (model MDTSM16), 18-inch seat (mo

Spinecor System, The

The SpineCor System is a dynamic scoliosis orthosis designed for use with individuals with idiopathic scoliosis. This system is designed to provide progressive correction of minor Ideopathic Scoliosis (15 to 30 degrees of Cobb angle). In addition to the dynamic brace, the system utilizes SpineCor Assistant Software (SAS) to analyze irregular growth patterns and a motion analysis system known as the FreePoint System which digitizes postural geometry. The brace itself consists of corrective and ad


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a product that treats chronic back pain for individuals with arthritis and other conditions causing chronic back pain. Spinovo (spine + new) is a concept smart clothing product that uses modular packs to treat back pain through heating, cooling, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapies, as well as incorporating bend sensors to ensure the wearer maintains the correct posture. The designer, Justine Smith, studied at

Straighten Up Posture Aid

The Straighten Up Posture Aid is a back and shoulder brace designed for office workers, travelers, video gamers, students, breast-feeding mothers and golfers,or for individuals with slouching, hunching, and more debilitating conditions, like Osteoporosis. Product retrains, realigns and relaxes the wearer to avoid slouching, hunching and stress.

Theratogs Ultra Full Body System (Models Gfb100, Gfb200, Gfb300, Gfb400, Gfb600, Gfb610, Gfb620, Gfb700, Gfb710, Gfb720 & Gfb730)

The TheraTogs ULTRA Full Body System, models GFB100, GFB200, GFB300, GFB400, GFB600, GFB610, GFB620, GFB700, GFB710, GFB720 and GFB730, is a kyphosis, low back and spinal orthosis and pressure garment and designed for use by children and adults with sensory integration, emotional, or neurological disabilities, posture issues and autism. The Full Body System is made with GoldTone material that has stretch, tension and rebound properties specifically formulated for the demands of biomechanical ret

Wheelchair Accessable 4-Seater Picnic Table

This product is designed for persons in wheelchairs. It a 4-seater picnic table has room for a wheelchair to also be seated at the table. It is made from high-pressure wood from sustainsable sources – FSC Certified.

Yoga For Scoliosis

Yoga for Scoliosis is a video exercise program designed for use by individuals with scoliosis. This video provides a 50-minute beginning home yoga practice to improve posture and reduce pain and discomfort resulting from scoliosis. The practice is divided into three sections, approximately 17 minutes each, which can be practiced individually or in their entirety. The video also includes information on scoliosis by an orthopedic surgeon, and a section showing how to use props and adapt poses to a

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