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Sound Monitor

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Ameriphone Alertmaster Baby Sound Monitor (Model Ambx)

The Ameriphone AlertMaster Baby Sound Monitor, model AMBX, is designed to alert individuals with hearing disabilities to a baby cry. When placed near the baby, the device enables monitoring of the baby from any room in the house. POWER: Uses one 9-volt battery (included). WARRANTY: One year.

Angelcare Sound Monitor And Movement Reassurance System

The Angelcare Sound Monitor and Movement Reassurance System is a sound and movement monitor designed to reassure parents of the safety of an infant during sleep. This unit monitors the slightest of movements by the child and sounds an alarm if movement stops for 20 seconds. The system includes a thin motion sensor pad that is inserted under the crib mattress and is plugged into the baby's transmitter unit. The portable parents' receiver unit monitors the baby's unit from up to 200 feet away. A m

Baby Cry Signaler (Model Bc 400)

Baby Cry Signaler, model BC 400, is a sound monitor designed to alert parents with hearing disabilities to the sound of a baby crying. This wireless, portable system plugs into any alternating current (AC) outlet and can be adjusted for sensitivity. The system utilizes all sonic Alert remote receivers (a minimum of one required, but not included; see separate entry) which can be connected to a lamp or a vibrator to signal when the receiver is activated. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 1.5 x 3.75 x 2 inches.

Baby Cry Transmitter

The baby cry transmitter is designed for use by new parents who want to know when their infant needs them from rooms away. The receiver notifies the user or the mother by sounding, flashing, and vibrating. So it is not triggered unnecessarily, it has adjustable sensitivity, an individual alert can be chosen for each baby, it has reliable transmission, long lasting power as it lasts up to 1 year on a standard battery, and works with all the visit receivers.It comes with a baby cry transmitter, a

Baby Sitter (Model 2508)

Baby cry signal. Transmitter can be placed on wall or table within 6 feet of child. Receiver is placed in parents' bedroom next to the portable alarm which has an outlet to attach lamp (for flashing light) or vibrator. No wiring necessary.

Centralalert Wireless Notification System (Model Ca360 [Ca-1001])

The CentralAlert Wireless Notification System, model CA360 [CA-1001], is a wireless signal system and sound monitor designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This is an all-in-one notification system for home use. It alerts the user to all the daily sounds in a home, such as alarm clock, door knocking, phone ringing, and alarm sound from audio alarms, warnings from motion detectors, and storm warning from NOAA radio (some functions require optional accessories). The Centra

Clarity Alertmaster Al10

The Clarity AlertMaster AL10 is an all-in-one signal system designed to alert individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to environmental sounds. The system uses a flashing lamp, bed shaker, and a panel of lights to alert the user(s) to different sounds, including a telephone ring, a doorbell, audio alarm devices, an alarm clock, a baby cry, someone entering the home, and loud room noises such as a smoke detector. The system features a wireless receiver which can be purchased separately, a 3.5-

Fitness Technology That Helps the Blind Get Moving

This fitness technology is a prototype drone system that guides blind runners around a track, allowing them to exercise independently without a sighted guide. It is intended for blind and low vision people. Equipped with two cameras—a downward-facing camera that follows the lines on a track, and a second camera that focuses on a marker on the runner’s shirt. Folmer’s quadcopter flies at eye level, about 10 feet ahead of a runner, guiding the user by sound. If the runner speeds up or slows down,

Good Vibrations Receiver

Good Vibrations (formerly Silent Call and Personal Alert) is a sound monitor system that alerts individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to audio stimuli in the household. The user wears a small receiver unit that simultaneously vibrates in response to a signal from any of several transmitted signals. Transmitters are available for detecting: sound (such as a baby's cry), smoke in the house, telephone ringing, doorbell ringing, or a pager (each sold separately). The receiver features four lig

Harris Communications Ada Compliance Kits (Models Ada-500, Ada-1000, & Ada-4000)

The Harris Communications ADA Compliance Kits combine the products required for hotels, nursing homes, or hospitals to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. ADA accessibility guidlines require that rooms be equipped with assistive systems, including text telephones (TTY/TTD), a notification system, a telephone amplifier, and a visual smoke detector. These portable all-in-one kits are lightweight and compact, easy to store and

Hearmore Ada Compliance Kit

The HearMore ADA Compliance Kit combines all the products required for hotels or hospitals to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. ADA accessibility guidlines require that rooms be equipped with assistive systems, including text telephones (TTY/TTD), a notification system, a telephone amplifier, a television closed-caption decoder, and a visual smoke detector. This portable all-in-one kit is lightweight and compact, easy to

Hitec Guest Room Case (Sets 1-4)

The HITEC Guest Room Case is a container holding a variety of products needed to comply with ADA standards for hotel guests who are deaf or hard of hearing. All components can be easily installed or removed by hotel or hospital personnel. Set 1 components include an AP-Q90D TTY, an SA-TR50 phone ring signaler, a CS-IL40 in-line amplifier, a GA-DB9 door knock alert signaler, a CS-WS1 clock with bed vibrator, a GT-SMOKE visual/audible smoke detector, and a US-DV1 telecaption decoder. Set 2 compone

MyAlert Wireless Doorbell Transmitter

The MyAlert Wireless Doorbell Transmitter is designed to provide sound enhancement and signaling of a doorbell ring to users with hearing disabilities. The wireless doorbell transmitter is a cost effective solution for doorbell notification. The DB100T works exclusively with the MyAlert multi-function receiver (SKU 7022). The device includes a 10-year lithium battery. 

MyAlert Wireless Telephone Transmitter

The MyAlert Wireless Telephone Transmitter is designed to provide sound enhancement for incoming phone call to users with hearing disabilities. The device is a cost-effective way to ensure that you know when your phone is ringing. When the phone rings, you'll be notified with a clear visual icon, bright flashing LED, and loud amplified sound. 

Nutone Wireless Doorbell With Strobe

The Nutone Wireless Doorbell with Strobe is a doorbell signal monitor designed to provide sound enhancement and signaling of a doorbell ring to persons with hearing disabilities. This monitor is portable and requires no special wiring. The receiver can be placed in any room so the chime can be heard. The set includes one receiver and one push-button transmitter. The unit offers a choice of an eight-note chime, a two-note chime, or a single-note tone, all with a 10-second strobe. RANGE: Signal ca

Rechargeable Sound Monitor

The Rechargeable Sound Monitor is designed for use by individuals who have hearing disabilities. The unit may be placed in any room to monitor sounds such as a baby's cry, a timer, or other household activity. This device features an adjustable sensitivity level, permitting a range of sound levels to be monitored. POWER: Uses normal household current or the built-in rechargeable battery.

Sidekick Receiver & Sidekick Basic Kit

The SideKick Receiver is a signal system designed to monitor household sounds such as telephone ringers, smoke detectors, or doorbells for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This all-in-one device alerts to everyday events by flashing a bright strobe light. Four indicator lights on the face plate light under the appropriate signal, eliminating confusion as to which sound activated the receiver. In the case of fire, the strobe keeps flashing until it is reset. The receiver reaches a ran

Single Function Signaler

Signal system designed to alert for one function only: baby cry, fire/ smoke alarm, telephone, doorbell or alarm clock. Does not use a control unit. Compatible with Sonic Alert Remote Receivers.

Sonic Alert Remote Horn (Model Rh 100)

The Sonic Alert Remote Horn, model RH 100, is a doorbell and telephone signal and sound monitor signal designed for use by individuals with hearing disabilities. When doorbell, telephone, or baby cry signals (not included) are activated, the Remote Horn emits a loud (78 to 85 decibels), low frequency audio horn sound. POWER: Uses normal household current.

Universal Sound Signaler (Model Uss360)

The Universal Sound Signaler, model USS360, is designed to convert sound to flashing lights or vibration for individuals who have hearing disabilities. When placed near the sound source, the device converts any sound such as an alarm clock, telephone, baby cry, etc., to flashing lights or vibration. The unit features a built-in plug for a light or bed vibrator and it can transmit a signal to be used with remote receivers (not included) in other rooms. POWER: Plugs into a standard alternating cur

Wireless Chime (Model Dm-Rc3700)

The Wireless Chime is a doorbell signal indicator designed to provide sound enhancement and signaling for persons with hearing disabilities. The unit consists of a chime button and remote chime receiver. The chime button can be mounted next to the entry door and the remote chime receiver can be plugged into any indoor AC outlet. Extra remote receivers are available. RANGE: The chime button will transmit the signal up to 50 feet. WARRANTY: 1-year limited.

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