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Object Identification Program

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Aph Talking Pc Maps Software

The APH Talking PC Maps Software provides spoken and on-screen map data and 12 million points of interest for U.S. states, territories and Canada on one flash drive. It speaks on any Windows computer, whether or not the computer has screen reading software installed. The software is not a GPS system, but instead provides a verbal description of physical space and what it contains. It gives persons with visual impairments the same information available to sighted persons through incidental learni

Looktel Money Reader

The United States Treasury was careful to mint each coin with a unique size and edge. This way the value of each coin can be determined just by touch. Unfortunately, with paper money this is not the case. Before the iPhone, the visually impaired would have to rely on a sighted person to tell them the denomination of each paper bill, then they would employ a special fold or other tactile technique to remember. This is no longer necessary thanks to an application called LookTel Money Reader. Using


oMoby is an object identification program designed for use by individuals with low vision or memory or cognitive disabilities. This application (or app) allows a person to use their Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to identify an item. The user launches the app and takes a picture of the object to be identified. The app will search the web through IQ Engines search engine for images and other information that are related to the object. It the search engine cannot find an accurate match, the quer

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