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Bathtub Shortener

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Ashby Bath Shortener (Model 6290)

The Ashby Bath Shortener, model 6290, is a bathtub shortener desinged for use by individuals with short stature. This unit fits inside the tub to shorten its length and is designed to prevent shorter users from slipping down the bathtub and possibly under the water. The unit attaches with rubber suction cups to the foot of the bath. DIMENSIONS: 370 x 280 x 300 millimeters. CAPACITY: 190 kilograms.

Roth Mobeli Bath Tub Shortener (Models 14005206 & 14005207)

The Roth Mobeli Bath Tub Shortener is a bathtub shortener designed for use by individuals with short stature or lower extremity amputation. This unit can be placed at any point in the tub to provide foot support, or it can be turned horizontally to function as a tray. Model 14005206 has two suction plates and can fit all bathtub types. Model 14005207 has three adjustable clip-on suction plates and can only be used in parallel bathtubs. The suction plates arranaged with two plates above, which sw

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