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Transfer Lift Accessory

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Adaptor For Pool Lift

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with spinal cord injury to transfer to a pool. An existing pool lift required an adaptor in order to use a spreader from an indoor lift. The spreader supports the transfer sling used to lower the individual into the pool. The adaptor was made from stainless steel wire and two thimbles purchased from a ship's chandlery. The wire was looped around the thimbles and long-handled tongs were used to crimp a metal loop around each pair of wires. TITL

Angled Swivel Bar (Model 9029)

Angled swivel bar is inverted V shape to allow clearance of head. Straight swivel bar is needed for more seat clearance and all car transfers. CAPACITY: 400 pounds.

Rifton Solovest (Models 701, 702, & 703)

The Rifton SoloVest is a transfer lift accessory designed for use with individuals up to 76 inches tall with moderate to severe physical disabilities. This transfer vest is made from medical-grade anti-microbial and anti-slip material and allows for a snug and comfortable above-the-waist lift. This vest can be used with the Rifton SoloLift (see separate entry) and with other transfer lifts. SIZES: Small to fit 22- to 34-inch trunk girth, medium to fit 28- to 40-inch trunk girth, and large to fit

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