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Urine Bottle Holder

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Traveljohn Disposable Urinal For Men, Women, And Children

The Traveljohn disposable urinal for men, women, and children is a portable urinal designed for pilots, truckers, and long distance drivers intended to urinate into. This device will work for men, women, and children. This device may be used for any long distance trip where frequent urination is an issue or where a sanitary restroom is not nearby. Product may also be used by persons in wheelchairs on persons with limited mobility. This product is a bag within a bag, made of non-toxic, odorless,

Urine Bottle Holder (Model 8270)

The Urine Bottle Holder, model 8270, is designed for use by individuals with urinary incontinence or mobility disabilities. This canvas cover holds any standard urinal (not included) and can be attached to a bed or wheelchair.

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