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Raised Line Drawing Kit

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Hi-Mark Tactile Pen

The Hi-Mark Tactile Pen is a tactile marker designed for tactile marking of household items by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It is a tube of fluorescent liquid paste that becomes hard plastic when it dries. Drying time is approximately two hours. It can be applied directly to paper, plastic, wood, glass, cloth or metal. It will not stick to flexible plastic. It can be used to create tactile maps or to mark control settings on stoves, microwave ovens, toaster ovens, washers, dryer

Raised Line Drawing Kit: Basic (23-5901-6) & Complete (23-6001-4)

The Basic and Complete Raised Line Drawing Kits are braille and raised line drawing kits designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Kits contain drawing materials and equipment needed to create raised line drawings of mathematical and geometrical diagrams, etc., in actual representation (not in reverse). The Basic Kit, model 23-5901-6, includes 100 sheets of Mylar (10-inch square), a 12-inch braille ruler, a pencil stylus, and an 11.5-inch square drawing board with a rubbe

Raised Line Drawing/labeling Kit (Model 1600)

The Raised Line Drawing/Labeling Kit, model 1600, is a tactile drawing kit for making labels and raised drawings on readily available paper or index cards. The kit includes instructions, 8 x 10 inch felt clip board, sample materials, ball point pen, heavy duty stylus, 1-line braille slate, and 1 roll of 1/2-inch Rotex tape. The ball point pen, or other blunt object, can be used to create raised line drawings; block or Braille lettering can be done freestyle with the stylus.

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