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Sound Activated Speech Therapy Aid

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Brilliant Harmonica

The Brilliant Harmonica is a tool for parents and therapists teaching children to vocalize, practice tongue retraction, and lip closure, develop breathing and control lip muscles. This voice therapy tool can help parents and therapists to help children increase the duration of their breathing and to use their voices in new and exciting ways.

Joy Player

The Joy Player is a switch-activated music player designed for those with visual and multiple impairments ages 3 and up to make listening to MP3 and WAV files accessible. It is designed to use with the personal music player routine in APH’s Sensory Learning Kit (SLK). The Joy Player differs from other music playing devices on the commercial market and from the National Library Service’s Digital Talking Book Player because it is designed to accommodate individuals who are developing fine motor sk

Junganew: A Herd of Sounds for “S”

Junganew: A Herd of Sounds for “S” is the first in a series of story based speech and language therapy adventure apps that create an experience for children, intended for ages 4 and up to learn their sounds. It is a strategy based program designed as a series of apps. The first app focuses on the sound of /s/. A Herd of Sounds for “S” is the first in a series of sound acquisition apps that will include over 40 sounds in the English language.

Melissa & Doug Vehicle Sound Puzzle

The Melissa & Doug Vehicle Sound Puzzle is a peg puzzle designed for children with learning and speech disabilities to reinforce cause and effect relationships, early vocabulary and matching skills. Peg Puzzles are taken to the next level with this fun and exciting puzzle. Listen to the sounds of a fire engine, airplane, ambulance and more. Realistic sounds are played only when the correct puzzle piece is properly placed on the board. This is a way to reinforce cause and effect relationships

Numbers Sound Puzzle

The Numbers Sound Puzzle is a puzzle designed for children with learning disabilities to learn how to count. Learning numbers 1 through 20 is engaging and fun with the Numbers Sound Puzzle. When the correct number is fitted into the puzzle, the number is spoken aloud.

Pioneer Pete

Visual speech aid. Small stuffed animal equipped with microphone preamp and amp to detect sounds and light up animals eyes. Speech aid unit without stuffed animal is $35.


Speech aid. Stuffed animal houses 2 way intercom. Enables therapist to talk through animal from outside room. Eyes of animal light up when sound is picked up.

Rhyming Bus: sounds for spelling + reading

The Rhyming Bus is an app designed for use by individuals needing practice or assistance with rhyming to help build reading skills and speech development. The app, designed by a speech therapist, works by having users board the rhyming bus, 6 characters wait at the bus stop, but only those with a word that rhymes with the word the bus displays can get on. Users can drag the characters onto the bus, and when there are 4 rhyming words on the bus before it drives off. 

See and Learn Saying Words Kit

See and Learn Saying Words is designed to help children with Down syndrome to develop clear speech. It may also be helpful for other children with similar speech difficulties. It provides simple activities that encourage the imitation and repetition of one- and two-syllable words. It includes eight sets of words, each starting with a speech sound that usually develops early in typical development (b, d, m, p, y, n, w, and h). The 72 target words represent a range of vowel-consonant combinations

Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle

The Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle is a puzzle designed for children with speech and learning disabilities to reinforce cause-and-effect; early vocabulary and matching skills. Realistic sounds are played when the puzzle pieces are properly placed on the board. Some of the favorite zoo animals are waiting to "speak" to the child. Place the puzzle piece into the well with the matching picture on the puzzle board and hear the animal meow, woof or tweet. 

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