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Voice Output Braille Reading Device

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Braille Interpreter

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a Braille interpreter for individuals who are blind or visually impaired who cannot read Braille. The Braille Interpreter is a single-finger glove featuring a tactile sensor, a Bluetooth headphone and interpreting software allowing individuals with sight impairments to read Braille. The index finger portion of the glove contains the tactile sensor, which is skimmed over the Braille text and sends data to a small computer housed on the ba

Snail Braille Reader

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a Braille reader for individuals how are blind or have low vision. The Snail is a voice output braille reader that is designed to work even on bumpy surfaces. The device can read braille text for immediate playback, or record it for future playback. It can also send its voice output to a Bluetooth headset so that the user can listen to the book without disturbing others. Snail's pressure-sensitive touch pad can be rolled on uneven brail

Voiceye Mate

The VOICEYE Mate is a voice output bar code reader, color identifier and a digital talking book player designed for use by individuals with blindness, low vision, dyslexia or other reading disabilities. This unit reads digital books aloud in a human-sounding voice. The VOICEYE Mate can read data from VOICEYE bar codes on printed content with its scanner. VOICEYE bar codes contain up to two pages of text, and when the user reads the bar code with the device's camera, the device will display the d

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