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Leg Bag

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Acticuf Male Incontinence Compression Pouch

The ActiCuf Male Incontinence Compression Pouch is designed for men with light to moderate urinary incontinence, resulting from surgery for prostate disease or prostate cancer or from having an enlarged prostate. Due to its slim design, ActiCuf is undetectable under clothing and can easily and discreetly be changed. The ActiCuf incontinence bag is padded and gently closes to apply pressure on the urethra to control urinary flow, and the unique absorbent pouch immediately catches any urine leaks.

Alpine Reusable Latex Leg Bag by Mentor

The Alpine Reusable Latex Leg Bag by Mentor is designed to be an economical alternative to underpads and diapers for persons with incontinence. The device is a durable leg bag for catheterization patients, which provides optimum comfort and discretion. It features a unique two layer system, with the first layer locking in fluid, and the second trapping odor. The Alpine Reusable Latex Leg Bag comes with a twist-style outlet and a quick release bottom outlet. The optional offset entry port is perf

Conveen Security+ Contoured Leg Bag (Models 5170, 5171, & 5174)

Conveen Security+ Contoured Leg Bags are catheter leg bags designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or urinary incontinence. These bags have internal chambers that fill quietly and distribute urine evenly. They have a low profile that hugs the leg, with soft, absorbent fabric backing and latex-free straps. An anti-reflux valve prevents backflow. These bags come with straps and pre-attached anti-kink tubing, and are available in sterile (model 5171) or non-sterile (models 5170 and

Conveen Security+ Extra Large Leg Bag/drainage Bag (Model 5062)

The Conveen Security+ Extra Large Leg Bag/Drainage Bag, model 5062, is a leg bag and drainage bag designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or urinary incontinence. It can be used as a large capacity leg bag during the day and as a bedside bag at night. Features include volume markings; pre-attached, non-latex tubing; soft cloth backing; and an anti-reflux valve. The capacity is 51 ounces. DIMENSIONS: Tubing is 36 inches long.

Conveen Security+ Leg Bag

Conveen Security+ Leg Bags are catheter drainage leg bags designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury or urinary incontinence. These bags have flexible, pre-attached anti-kink tubing that can be cut to the desired length. An anti-reflux valve prevents backflow of urine. Other features include soft fabric backing and non-latex straps. The medium size has a center weld to distribute urine evenly. SIZES: Medium (17 fluid ounce capacity, with center weld) or Large (26 fluid ounce capacit

Disposable Sterile Urinary Leg Bag (Models 06-650-00 & 06-660-00)

Disposable plastic leg bag. Leakproof, sterile, odor resistant. Adjustable rubber straps hold bag in place on leg. Bottom drain for easy emptying. Connects to all catheters and incontinent devices. Sizes medium 20 ounces to large 32 ounces.

Dispoz-A-Bag Disposable Leg Bag (Models 150101, 150102, 150103, 4A4173 & 4A4174)

The Dispoz-A-Bag Disposable Leg Bag is designed for persons with incontinence. Composed of an odor-proof, heavy gauge material, it includes an anti-reflux valve to reduce risk of backflow. The bag are made from heavy duty vinyl for extended wear, odor containment and leak resistance. Each leg bag contains an anti reflux valve. These leg bags are resusable, sterile and may be connected to McGuire style urinal, Bardic Uro Sheath and most other urinary appliances.

Freedom Flow Ii

The Freedom Flow™ II, a wireless urinary leg bag emptier, is designed to provide individuals with limited mobility a way to discreetly empty their leg bag on their own, allowing for a greater sense of autonomy and independence. Once the leg bag latex tubing is slid through the Freedom Flow™ II, its pinch valve will keep the tube closed until the user is ready to empty the leg bag. When the user pushes the button on the remote control switch and activates the Freedom Flow™ II, the pinch mechanism

Hollister Urinary Leg Bag Combination Pack

The Hollister Urinary Leg Bag Combination Pack is designed for use by individuals with urinary catheters. The device maintains a low profile and rests discreetly against the leg with soft, pleated sides and are held in place with wide fabric straps. The low-profile buttons on the bags help decrease the risk of pressure points while securing the bag and anti-reflux valve helps prevent urine backflow into the tubing. Optional vacuum relief valve on the vented leg bag system reduces the chance for

Independent Leg Bag Emptying Technique For Cervical Five (C-5) Quadriplegic Clients.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device and technique to allow easy and independent emptying of leg bag by C-5 quadriplegic person. Device is made of a specially designed top strap that eliminates the need for difficult to manage bottom strap; a reacher that is used to pull up pants leg, lift the bag onto the toilet, open the clamp to drain, and then lift the bag onto the lap for closure; and a plastic T shaped base which anchors the clamp to the bottom of the leg bag for easy opening

Leg Bag (Model 4115)

Clear vinyl leg bag. 28 ounce capacity. Velcro straps for easy attachment to leg. Flutter valve prevents urine backup. For night use.

Leg Bags (Model 87001-008)

The Leg Bag, model 87001-008, is designed for use with catheters. The bag has buttons at each corner so that it will strap flat to the leg to eliminate conspicuous bulging. The reflux valve operates with minimal pressure but closes securely to prevent back flow. The bag has a twist open bottom drain and is made of heavy vinyl film. The rehab bag has slits in addition to buttons which permit the use of velcro or cloth straps instead of buttons and also has an 8 inch latex extension tube and flip

Moveen Syphon Bag

The Moveen Syphon Bag is a drainage bag designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, severe physical disabilities, or urinary incontinence. The bag is worn on the upper thigh, and allows users with limited hand dexterity to empty their bag using the attached tube. The user pushes open the drain, lowers the drain tube below the level of the bag, and the bag empties via the siphon principle while remaining in place.

Rochester Medical Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bag (Models 49161 & 49165)

The Rochester Medical Latex-Free Urinary Leg Bag, models 49161 and 49165, are urine collection bags designed for use by individuals with urinary incontinence, spinal cord injury, or severe physical disabilities. These bags feature electronically leak-proof welded seams with anti-reflux drain valve designs that enables convenient one-hand operation, and button-closure vinyl straps. SIZES: Medium (model 49161) and large (model 49165). CAPACITY: 20 ounces (model 49161); 27 ounces (model 49165).

Tfx Vinyl Leg Bag (Models 6625 & 6626)

The TFX Vinyl Leg Bag is designed for use with catheters. This leg bag has an anti-reflux valve, a push-pull outlet valve at the bottom and adjustable leg straps. SIZES: 32 ounces Large (6625) or 19 ounces Medium (6626).

Urinary Leg Bag (Model 1298)

Urinary leg bag. Vinyl, heat welded seams. Anti reflux valve. Non twisting tube, push/pull valve at bottom of bag for emptying. Latex leg straps with button for easy attachment. Sizes: medium (20 ounces), large (32 ounces).

Urinary Leg Bag Sterile Fluid Pathway (Models 9805 & 9814)

Vinyl leg bag. Pleated design lets it accommodate increased volume without increased bulk. Large buttons make it easy to attach leg bag straps, and free-floating valves at top and bottom alleviate stress and possible pressure sores. Fluid pathway is sterile so the urinary leg bag can be used with an indwelling catheter. Sizes: medium (19 oz), standard (32 oz).


Reusable latex urinary leg bag collection system. Kit contains: 1 latex leg bag, 1 set of fabric leg straps, 1 2 ounce bottle of Urolux urinary appliance cleanser, 1 parts cleaning brush, 1 straight-thru adapter with thumb clamp, 1 18 inch long white-rubber extension tube 14 Uro-Con or Uro-Cath male external catheters and illustrated use and care instructions.

Uro-Safe Disposable Leg Bags

Light-weight vinyl, disposable (semi-reusable) leg bag. Packaged individually, sterile, two styles and capacities: Large, 32 ounces, or Medium, 18 ounces and available with a white opaque back. Each is available with a choice of a thumb tube clamp or a twist drain valve.

Urocare Latex Leg Bag (Models 6765, 6820, & 6769)

The Urocare Latex Leg Bag is designed for use with catheters. The leg bag is seamless and has three strap positions. It comes complete with top adapter, a patented silicone flutter valve, a twist open drain and three adjustable latex straps. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 14 x 5 inches (Large, model 6765); 10 x 5 inches (Medium, 6820); 10 x 4 inches (Small, 6769). SIZES: Large is 32 ounces; Medium is 26 ounces; and Small is 18 ounces.

Urocare Reusable Latex Leg Bags

The Urocare Reusable Latex Leg Bag is designed to be an economical alternative to underpads and diapers for persons with incontinence. Made with a seamless contruction, this leg bag features a removable anti-reflux valve designed to prevent back-flow and bladder distension and interchangeable drain valves. Three latex leg straps are also included. SIZES: Extra large (holds 44 ouces), large (holds 32 ounces), long-slim (holds 26 ounces), sport-right (holds 10 ounces), and short-slim (holds 18 oun

Urosafe Kit

Disposable vinyl leg bag urinary collection system. Kit contains: 6 Uro- safe vinyl disposable leg bags, 1 set of fabric leg straps and 14 Uro- Con male external catheters.

Vented Urinary Leg Bag System (Models 9845 & 9855)

Leg bag system contains 1 vented urinary leg bag-sterile fluid pathway, extension tubing with vacuum relief valve. Vented urinary leg bag and vacuum relief valve reduce potential of leg bag ballooning and of catheter and tubing collapse. Sizes: medium (19 ounces), standard (32 ounces).

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