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Knee Pads

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Heel / Elbow Protector (Models 503203, 503204, & 503205)

The Heel/Elbow Protector is designed to protect the heels and elbows from pressure sores, friction burns, and abrasions. The built-in soft polyfoam pad is contoured to completely cover the heel, elbow, or knee. The protector's oversized stockinette sleeve keeps the pad properly positioned without constriction. SIZES: Small, medium, or large. COLOR: Color-coded for size.

Knee Protector (Model 202)

The Knee Protector, model 202, is a knee pad designed for use by individuals at risk for decubitus, pressure sores or ulcers. The pad is made from sheepskin and is placed around the knee with the fleece touching the skin. It is secured to the knee with a Velcro strap. The Knee Protector is machine washable and dryable. It is sold in pairs. COLOR: Natural.

Knee Saver With Calf Straps (Model 62161)

The Knee Saver with Calf Straps, model 62161, is a set of knee pads designed for use by individuals with knee pain. These lightweight contoured foam pads provide gentle support between the calf and thigh to take excessive strain off the knee joint. SIZES: Adult and youth. COLOR: Black.


Kneetogs are knee pads designed to protect infants and young children from bumps and bruises from falls or crawling. Kneetogs may be worn on the knees or elbows and feature Sentinal Microcell pads. This closed-cell foam is designed to provide greater shock absorbtion than traditional padding. The hypoallergenic pads are covered in durable, abrasion-resistant nylon. The pads are held in place with stretchy lycra knit bands that do not bind or irritate the skin. SIZES: Available in four sizes to f

Total Comfort Knee Pads

The Total Comfort Knee Pad is a pair of knee pads designed for use by people with arthritis to use while gardening. It has advanced memory foam, giving arthritic users comfort and protection. The Progressive Resistance Padding is made of a dual density foam core that allows the knee to gradually sink into the padding. People who experience pain when kneeling will find these knee pads provide comfortable cushioning and support. The top layer of the Total Comfort Knee Pad is made of memory foam wi

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