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Catheterization Aid

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Asta-Cath Female Catheter Guide

The Asta-Cath Female Catheter Guide is cathetization aid designed for use by women with mobility, neurological, or severe physical disabilities, spinal cord injury, or urinary incontinence, or their caregivers. This device assists women in locating their urinary meatus. As the device is inserted into the vagina, it spreads the labia and one hole aligns with the urinary meatus. A 14 French or smaller catheter can then be passed into the bladder for emptying. The three alignment holes allow for mo

Female Catheter Guide

The Female Catheter Guide is a device that helps women locate their urethral opening for intermittent self-catheterization. As the guide is inserted into the vagina, it spreads the labia so that one hole aligns with the urethral opening. A 14 French or smaller catheter can then be passed into the bladder for emptying. The three alignment holes allow for most anatomical differences. The Female Catheter Guide is latex-free, cleans easily with soap and water, and is dishwasher safe. This personal h

Male Self-Catheterization Support Kit

The Male Self-Catheterization Support Kit is a two part kit that can be used together or separately for either self-intermittent catheterization or to aid in donning a condom catheter. Designed for those with limited dexterity and even single-handed use, the Male Self-Catheterization Support Kit gently stretches the penis and holds it in position during self-catheterization to help men overcome self-catheterization challenges presented by flaccid penis or anatomical differences in penis size. Th

Orthocare Static Knee Spreader With Mirror (Models 4042 To 4044)

The Orthocare Static Knee Spreader with Mirror is a knee separator and abductor designed with an adjustable mirror for self-catheratization and rigid knee separation. This spreader is constructed of aluminum and Kydex plastic. SIZES: Small (##4044, 6.25 inches of abduction), Medium (##4043, 9 inches of abduction), and Large (##4042, 11 inches of abduction).

Pull-Out Tray.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Tray pulls out between legs from under wheelchair seat to hold catheterization equipment. The tray is made from 1/2 inch birch plywood cut the width of the wheelchair seat. The plywood is placed on the side seat rails over the upholstery. The bottom of the plywood has two rails to retain a narrow tray between the plywood seat and the upholstery. A stop is placed at the back of the tray to prevent it from sliding out the back. A cupboard latch is used t

Solution To Self Catheterization In The Female With Upper Extremity Weakness

"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: Use of a surgical self- retaining retractor as a labia retractor to permit self-catheterization for a female C6-S7 quadriplegic. Describes use of a Weitlaner, an instrument used in the operating room to retract tissue, as an instrument to keep the labia retracted to enable a C-7 quadriplegic woman to catheterize herself in a sterile manner. Once opened the instrument remains that way until a release bar is pushed. The tips of the instrument are wrapped in gauz

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