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Newspaper Holder

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Convert-Able Table (Art Easel)

The Convert-Able Table (Art Easel) is a height-adjustable tilt-top work table and overhead bookholder designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This unit lifts books for eye-level or overhead reading within a range of 9 to 18 inches high. Springs provide the lifting power. The unit is designed so that the paper will stay where placed: up or down, left or right, at any angle without adjustment of knobs or levers. Horizontal gui

Newspaper Holder (Model 73210)

The Newspaper Holder, model 73210-0000, is designed for holding a newspaper open for hands-free reading. The holder can be used on a bed or wheelchair tray. A center clip holds the top of the paper while flat strips support the edges for full open display. The bottom of the holder has an integral formed spring clip for table mounting. DIMENSIONS: 28 inches long overall. WEIGHT: 1.5 pounds.

Newspaper Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Hold an open newspaper in reading position. Suggests that a large cardboard box trimmed to fit in front of the individual, whether sitting or lying down, will hold an open newspaper in reading position with the help of a few thumb tacks; adds that tacks with plastic heads are easier to handle. SKILLS REQUIRED: Cutting. AUTHOR: Hamilton, L. TITLE: Why Didn't Somebody Tell Me About These Things? REF:Book: Author, 217 North Jeffreys St, Pleasant Hills, MO

Reading Stand

The Reading Stand is a stand with a book holder designed to enable a user to read or draw while keeping a straight posture. The wooden stand consists of a 3/8-inch plywood working surface supported by a frame made of pine. The book holder is a metal L-shaped section fixed to the bottom of the board to support books, large print or Braille materials, or artwork. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by John Duffus for persons who must keep a straight posture, and for persons who cannot support reading

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