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Leg Protector

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Long Boot (Model 6112)

The Long Boot is a heel protector for people at risk for pressure sores or ulcers designed to minimize pressure on the heel by distributing weight evenly along the calf. The machine-washable synthetic fur covers the heel, ankle and leg to mid-calf boot and secures with four straps with hook and loop fasteners. SIZES: One size. DIMENSIONS (LxH): 14 x 9 inches. COLOR: Natural.

Posey Quilted Long Boot (Models 6113 & 6114)

The Posey Quilted Long Boot, models 6113 and 6114, is a leg and heel protector designed to minimize pressure on the heel by distributing weight evenly along the calf. This machine-washable boot is covered with soft cotton/polyester fabric filled with hollow core micro-fiber. It secures to the foot and lower leg with three hook and loop straps. SIZES: One size. COLOR: Navy (model 6114) or blue plaid (6113).

Protecta Wrap

Protecta Wrap is an upper or lower extremity protector designed for individuals who are at risk for falls or have upper extremity, lower extremity, seizure or balance disabilities. This sleeve protects knees, elbows, shins and forearms from injury from falls and impacts from furniture and fixtures. The sleeve can help prevent skin breakdown and can also be worn during sleep. It is made of soft, lightweight, machine washable stretch fabric with added shock absorption, and is customizable for an i

Skin Sleeves (Models 6000, 6000S, 6001, & 6002)

Skin Sleeves are arm and leg protectors designed for use by individuals with fragile skin, IV sites, or skin irritation. Made of soft cotton and Lycra, these machine-washable sleeves blend discretely with the skin and can be rolled to provide only the coverage required. Model 6000 is a standard arm sleeve, model 6000S is a small arm sleeve, model 6001 is a leg sleeve, and model 6002 is a padded arm sleeve. COLOR: Neutral flesh tone.

Wool-Pile Limb Sleeve

The Wool-Pile Limb Sleeve is a leg protector designed for use by individuals with circulatory or lower extremity disabilities or who are at risk for pressure sores/ulcers. These Sleeves are designed to keep the shin, knee, or calf protected, warm, and comfortable and are made from wool-pile with stretch cuffs at each end. They are fully washable. SIZES: Available in small, medium,or large.

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