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Alphabet Game

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A-B-C Puzzle Blocks

The A-B-C Puzzle Blocks are puzzles with large peieces designed for use with children with low vision or upper extremity disabilities. This set includes a wooden storage box and 26 two-piece wooden puzzles (one for each letter of the alphabet). These self-checking puzzles require children to match the letter with the corresponding picture. DIMENSIONS: Each puzzle is 2 x 3.25 inches and the box is 11.25 x 4.75 x 2.25 inches.

Alpha Animals Game (Model 617A)

The Alpha Animals Game, model 617a, is an alphabet board game designed to build vocabulary for individuals with a learning disability. Kids test their knowledge of animals by naming animals that begin with a specific letter. It challenges players by offering easy and not so easy questions. This game is meant for two to four players.

Alphabet Discovery Bottle

The Alphabet Discovery Bottle is an letter recognition sensory bottle designed for children with intellectual difficulties to help them through olfactory sense and proprioception with learning the alphabet, to allow them a calming way to learn the letters of the alphabet. Depending on the size/weight of the bottle this can be a motor activity, movements carried out when the brain, nervous system, and muscles work together.

Alphabet File Folder Activities Bundle

The Alphabet File Folder Activities Bundle is a set of do-it-yourself activities designed for children with Autism and learning disabilities to use these alphabet file folder activities to practice letter identification and beginning sounds. Includes four differentiated versions to match the skill level of each student in the special education classroom.

Alphabet Puzzle

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To assist children with cognitive, learning, severe physical, or neurological disabilities with alphabet and shape recognition and fine motor development. Simple four- to ten-piece cardboard puzzles with puzzle boards were adapted by fastening self-adhesive Velcro on the puzzle pieces. Lowercase alphabet letters are placed on the puzzle pieces and corresponding uppercase letters are placed on the puzzle board. When the student matches the letters and places the

Alphabet Puzzle Cards

Alphabet Puzzle Cards are puzzles with large peieces designed for use with children with low vision or upper extremity disabilities. This set includes 26 two-piece carboard puzzles (one for each letter of the alphabet). These self-checking puzzles require children to match the letter with the corresponding picture. DIMENSIONS: Each puzzle is 1 7/8 x 3.25 inches.

Alphabet Track

Alphabet Track is a pre-reading tutorial program designed for use by children with learning, vision, or cognitive disabilities. Students move through eight activities at their own pace. All the activities are switch-accessible and fully configurable to meet each student's individual needs. For example, students may decide to replace the program's built-in audio with their own voice reciting the alphabet and pronouncing each letter. The alphabet arc format used in each activity serves as a visual

Alphabetical Order “War” Card Game

Alphabetical Order “War” is a competitive game designed for students with learning disabilities learning to read to practice alphabetizing words. 

Alphazoo Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

The Alphazoo Wooden Alphabet Puzzle is a vibrantly painted board with slots for colorful wooden letter blocks to go designed for pediatric use to encourage fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, letter learning, memorization skills and animal learning. A beautiful early-learning essential for all young explorers. Letter blocks fit perfectly, into the slots in the board. Board printed with playful animal illustrations to match each letter. Letters painted with striking, contrasting patterns an

Big Picture Floor Pad A to Z

The Big Picture Floor Pad A to Z is a learning tool designed for children of all ages with learning or neurological disabilities to help them learn their ABC's, fine motor skills, letter recognition, pre-literacy skills, and creative expression. Huge coloring pages are sized to hang on Melissa & Doug's Standing Art Easel, share across the arts-and-crafts table, or spread out on the floor. The easy-to-color pictures have lots to observe and discuss. See a sock-wearing serpent sipping soda, a

Blindfold Spin and Solve

Blindfold Spin And Solve is a fully accessible phrase guessing game functional application to be used by both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play. Two opponents take turns spinning a wheel to determine the cash prize they win if they guess a letter in the phrase, or the entire phrase, or they can buy a vowel. If they guess right, they keep spinning the wheel and guessing more letters, until they determine the entire phrase. For example, one of the phrases in the g

Deluxe Stringing Alphabet Letters

Stringing Alphabet Letters is an educational toy designed for use by children with fine motor, developmental, autism, sensory processing, and learning disorders to lace, sort by letter/color, hide in putty, or line up. This activity encourages the development of bilateral coordination and fine motor skills and is designed to teach the alphabet. The set includes 288 uppercase alphabet letters in assorted bright colors; each letter has a hole in the side so laced words are readable.

DIY Spider Web Walk

The Spider Web Walk is a game that involves balance and spelling. It is designed for children with learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorder. The user uses painter tape to create a spider web patten on the ground. To add another layer to the game the user can put letters on the web to help make spelling fun. This game can be played by children of any age at any skill level.

Dot-to-Dot Alphabet Lacing Animals

The Dot-to-Dot Alphabet Lacing Animals game is designed for children 3 and up with intellectual or learning disabilities. It can be used to build bilateral coordination skills, and for helping children learn the correct sequence/order of the alphabet! It includes a set of alphabet letters lacing cards for children to start with “A” and lace their way all the way to “Z”.

Free Alphabet Coloring Pages

Free Alphabet Coloring Pages is a series of printables designed for early learners with disabilities to color. A-Z of designs made so the child can become familiar with seeing letters even though they may not be able to name individual letters.

From A To Z

From A to Z is an alphabet game and language tutorial program designed for use by children with learning or cognitive disabilities. The program helps users develop and practice visual, auditory, and memory skills needed for letter and word recognition. Users choose the letter they wish to practice on the menu screen, and the program provides a set of activities for each letter. Users can press the letter to see a word and a picture and hear the spoken word. Activities include word building, find

Learn with Yoga: ABC Virtues

Learn with Yoga: ABC Virtues is a book designed for children with disabilities ages 2 and up to teach them the ABCs along with healthy living. There is a colorful illustrated yoga pose and associated poem for each letter of the alphabet. Each whimsical poem depicts how to do the pose and a positive attribute on which to focus. Builds confidence and self-esteem. Increases physical flexibility, raises awareness of the importance of good health and posture. It promotes effective techniques (such as

Learning Drum

The Learning Drum is an educational toy for teaching the alphabet and counting skills to children with cognitive or learning disabilities. As the child taps the drum, letters, numbers, and patterns flash on its top. The drum has four learning modes (ABC, 123, Interactive Song, and Follow the Beat), with three background melodies and two drum sounds. Beating the drum to music and lights stimulates the senses and develops motor skills and awareness of cause and effect. The drum has a child-size ha

Learning Wrap-Ups

Learning Wrap-Ups are alphabet and math skills games designed for use with children with fine motor, neurological, and cognitive disabilities. Each set (sold separately), includes 10 boards with notches running the length of each side. Adjacent to each notch, is a letter or number and the user draws a string from one notch to another and wraps the string around the appropriately corresponding notch to solve a problem. Sets include the alphabet, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The alph

Link 'n' Spell Magnetic Letters And Numbers

Link 'N' Spell Magnetic Letters and Numbers are letters and numbers designed for use by children with low vision, cognitive disabilities, or low vision. The magnetic pieces fit together and link to for letter or number patterns, words, or mathematical problems. One large letter, number, or operator is printed on each piece. Sets of 50 uppercase letters, 50 lowercase letters, and 35 numbers and operations are available. COLOR: Pieces are orange, green, red, yellow, blue, or white. The letters,

Magnetic Letter I Spy

This Magnetic Letter I Spy is a pre-reading activity meant for Preschoolers to become used to recognizing letters. To do this activity, follow these steps:

Pass the Word - Learn To Spell

Pass the Word - Learn To Spell is a spelling game designed for children ages 5-9 with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. In the game the child tries to make a word as fast as possible and then passes on the word to the next player. Words range from 3-6 letters. It is also possible to make custom words that are outside of the game specifically from school spelling lists or words the child misses while reading.

School-Time Leaptop Learning System

The School-Time LeapTop Learning System is an educational toy designed to teach fundamental learning skills to children with learning or cognitive disabilities. It has a large colorful keyboard with keys for the alphabet and numbers one through ten, and an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that shows letters, numbers, and animation. Users can play seven educational games with talking characters, and listen to three fun learning songs. The games and songs teach letter names and sounds, numbers,

Sesame Street ABC Poster

The Sesame Street ABC Poster is an alphabet game designed for children with cognitive and physical disabilities. This large voice output poster hangs on the wall, and, with the touch of a finger, children can play and learn in four different learning modes. Elmo, Big Bird, and Ernie help children learn phonics, recite the alphabet, and identify specific letters. The poster also offers a "Let's Find" game with Elmo and Big Bird.

Storybook Rhymes (Model 9219)

Storybook Rhymes, model 9219, is a story reading program designed for use by children with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities. This toy is useful for learning about nursery rhymes, numbers, letters, colors, and first words. The unit has been adapted with a base with four buttons that access all of the storybook functions, and page turners to help turn the pages. A friendly bookworm has lights on its hands that draw attention to the pages. POWER: Uses 3 double-A batteries. DIMENSIONS

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