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Water Flow Control

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Automatic Faucet Control

The Automatic Faucet Control is a water flow control designed for use by individuals with memory or cognitive disabilities or upper extremity disabilities. This device prevents the water from being left on and provides access for those unable to turn a tap. The device replaces the aerator on existing faucets and turns the water on when the hanging wand is nudged. When the slight pressure is removed, the water automatically turns off.


IZI-flow is a hands-free faucet control designed to allow individuals with fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities to control a faucet. The IZI-flow is a mechanical valve that is connected to the faucet's water input(s) under the sink and controlled by a mechanical foot pedal (included). The flow speed and temperature are still set using the faucet's handle(s) or knob(s). The user turns on the faucet by depressing the foot pedal and turns it off by releasing the pedal. The IZI-flow

Magic Faucet

The Magic Faucet is an electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities. This faucet allows an individual with limited use of the hands to control water flow and temperature by touching the tap fitting or by moving the hand into the vicinity of the outlet (a distance of approximately two centimeters). The flow of water is ended by removing hands or by moving the hands or fingers through the flow of water. The faucet comes with 10 progra

Safetemp Ii Pressure Balance Valve (Model Gs-105)

The Safetemp II Pressure Balance Valve, model GS-105, is a temperature control valve that maintains shower or bath water temperatures within a comfort zone by equalizing hot and cold water pressure. This is a washerless rough-in valve with maintenance stops, made of rough brass. WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty.

Volume Control.

Adjustable control for volume flow of water. Installed at faucet.

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