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Feeder Seat

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Bunk Bed Feeder Mount

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted feeder mount for a Kangaroo Pump feeder to a bunk bed for a child with Edwards Syndrome. There was no room for the feeder to be placed at the head of the bed; therefore, it was suggested that the child’s sleeping position be reversed. Despite the change in sleeping position the feeder could not be fixed directly onto the rails as they were too close together. A new bracket was added which holds the feeder just out from the

Device To Enable An Individual To Feed Himself

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with neurological disabilities to eat independently. This chair has an armrest for the user's right arm made from U-shaped PVC half-pipe.The armrest is attached to an outer sleeve that moves up and down a central steel post attached to the chair platform. A cast-iron window weight acts as a counter weight to render the user's arm weightless. A foot pedal connected to a system of pulleys and levers underneath the chair platform raises the user's

Mss Tilt And Recline (Models 4635 & 4636)

The MSS Tilt and Recline model 4635 and model 4636 are pediatric positioning seats designed to provide growth adjustments and optimum positioning for children with physical or neurological disabilities. FRAME: The chair is available with in a small low frame (model 4635, or medium high frame (model 4636). Each chair can be converted to a floor sitter. The low frame (small) l model raises height by 3 inches, and the high frame (medium) model raises height by 10 inches. SEAT (WxD): The seat is 9 x

Tumble Forms Feeder Seat (Series Pc 2795)

The Tumble Forms Feeder Seat is designed to provide secure trunk positioning and posturally correct seating for infants or children with physical disabilities while feeding, learning, or resting. The seats feature a contoured interior with a 90-degree seat-to-back orientation, a 45-degree hip strap, and a quick-release H-belt shoulder harness with slots allowing 4 inches of vertical adjustment. The seats may be used in a chair or stroller, on the floor, or on a parent's lap. The Tumble Forms' se

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