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Hearing Aid and Auditory Trainer

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Phonic Ear Binaural Fm Auditory Training Systems (Model Pe 461)

Phonic Ear FM hearing systems are designed for use in classrooms and all learning environments. They are designed to improve speech intelligibility and extend the critical listening distance for the hearing impaired by providing a controlled sound pressure level of the transmitted voice or of sounds from radio, TV, tape recorder or any audio source. The PE 461 transmitter is available with a directional or omni-directional lapel microphone. The PE 461 receiver has seven adjustable output setting


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype an auditory system to assist in transitioning to wearing a hearing aid for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. For children, transitioning to wearing a hearing aid can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Pulse is an auditory system designed improve the transition a hearing aid by providing interactive activities such as memory games and recording challenges that the entire family can engage in. Pulse uses audio induction loop technolog

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