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Wireless Touch Switch

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Big Beamer Transmitter

The is an adaptive switch designed for people with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities to provide tactile, visual and audible feedback. Long battery life with built-in sleep mode. Wireless codes eliminating cross-talk between devices. Features a 30-foot range with no pointing necessary. External switch jack - makes any switch wireless.

Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

The Blue2 Bluetooth Switch is a wireless touch and scanning switch designed for use by individuals with fine motor or neurological disabilities or cerebral palsy. This control switch allows wireless access via Bluetooth technology to certain applications on the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad. To begin using the Blue2, sync the switch with a selected Apple device and activate an application's switch scanning mode to begin using the app hands-free. For maximum software accessibility, Blue2 supports f

Bluetooth Wireless Switch

The Bluetooth Wireless Switch is a wireless touch switch designed for use by individuals with fine motor or neurological disabilities or cerebral palsy. This control switcch allows wireless access to Prentke Romich communication devices with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, such as ECO-14, Vantage Lite, and SpringBoard Lite (see entries). An external switch jack allows dual switch input and LEDs indicate when pairing is complete and the switch is ready for wireless communication. Other features

Enabling Devices Oval Texture Switches

The Enabling Devices Oval Texture Switches is a switch with a bumpy surface which provides motivation and tactile stimulation and sensory input. The switch works by pressing on the large yellow plate and is angled for easy access and visibility. Includes a nonslip suction-cup feet to secure the switch firmly in place.

H-87 Ipad Vo (Voiceover) Controller

The H-87 iPad VO (VoiceOver) Controller is a large button remote control interface for an Apple iPad tablet, iPhone or iPod Touch designed for use by individuals with fine motor disabilities or who are blind. The VO Controller connects to the touchscreen device through Bluetooth and uses the keyboard shortcuts built into the Apple iOS VoiceOver accessibility feature (see separate entry) to help the user access the content and functions of the host device. The user can control a screen reader to


The iSwitch is a Bluetooth switch which enables switch access to iDevices. iSwitch provides comprehensive scanning switch access to all switch accessible Apps and Switch Control options in iOS7. Bluetooth 2.1 is most compatible with this device. POWER: Bluetooth 2.1. DIMENSIONS: 3 inches diameter. COLOR: Red, yellow, green or blue. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

iPad/iPod/Smartphone/Tablet Cordless Music Box With Switch Inputs

Jelly Beamer Twist Switch

The Jelly Beamer Twist Switch is a wireless button or touch switch designed to control a wide range of switch-adapted devices and toys for individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This switch has two components: the Jelly Beamer switch that houses a transmitter and the Jelly Beamer receiver that can be plugged into any switch-adapted device, from battery operated toys and electric appliances to a digital camera or computer. Each switch is uniquely p

Jelly Bean Twist Switch

The Jelly Bean Twist Switch is a switch that activates no matter where it is pressed on the top. Capability switches allow people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities to interact with technology. The proper switch opens up worlds of access communication devices, environmental controls, computer software, and mobile devices. This switch provides an auditory click and tactile feedback. Users can change the color of the switch top to meet vision or other needs with a choice of red, blue, yel

Latitude Mounting Kit

The Latitude Mounting Kit is designed for people with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities to position assistive technology devices where they need them, No maintenance/adjustment. No tools required. Cord management is pick plate. The base Connection method is super to clamp.

Mini Beamer Transmitter And Receiver

Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver is designed to provide wireless switch access for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. The Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver includes a rechargeable battery, proximity sensor activation surface and an external switch jack. The proximity sensor of the Mini Beamer Transmitter will activate when an individual is within 10-millimeter of the activation surface. It requires the Mini Beamer, Original or SLAT receiver. The Mini Beamer receiver

MP3 Music Box w/Buttons AND Switch Inputs

The MP3 Music Box w/Buttons AND Switch Inputs is an adapted music box to be used by individuals with severe physical and cognitive disabilities during therapeutic recreation to control their own music. Using a simple MP3 Player, adapted to 2 or 3 large accessible buttons, a JBL speaker, and switch inputs, the user can load hundreds of songs, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio onto the Player's removable storage. The user can use their buttons or switches to step through their songs, listening


The SimplyWorks Switch 125 is a low profile, large diameter wireless switch that can be used with any of the SimplyWorks receivers to give switch, mouse or keyboard functions. The large diameter of the SimplyWorks Switch 125 measures 4.9 inches in diameter and is designed so that the switch will operate across the whole area, with minimal operating force. POWER: Wireless receiver. DIMENSIONS: 4.9 inches diameter. COLOR: Red, yellow, green or blue. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacture

Smoothie Switches

The Smoothie Switches is a low profile switch that requires minimal force to activate. It is angled towards the user to allow activating without lifting their hand, making it usable for users with limited movement to press. It operates over the whole switch area (lowest operating point of the switch is only 0.4 inch above the switch base). It provides auditory and tactile feedback. It can mounted with recessed holes for added convenience.

Wireless Gumball Switch

The Wireless Gumball Switch is a wireless touch switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injuries. Intended for users who can access a smaller target area, when the switch is pressed, it transmits a signal to the receiver (included), which activates a connected toy, device, or a computer switch interface system. This switch can be used as far away as 20 feet from the item. POWER: The receiver uses two double-A batteries and the sw

Wireless Oval Texture Switch (Model 727)

The Wireless Oval Texture Switch, model 727, is a touch switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities. The surface of this switch is covered with small bumps for tactile feedback. The wireless switch transmits to a receiver to activate a connected toy or device. POWER: Uses 2 double-A batteries and 1 nine-volt battery. DIMENSIONS: 10 x 6 x 3.5 inches.

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