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Sound Spectrograph

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Dr. Speech: Speech Training

Dr. Speech: Speech Analysis is a speech analysis program designed for doing speech/voice assessments for speech-language pathologists and speech and voice scientists. Dr. Speech is comprised of nine integrated software programs that can be used separately or combined in a number of ways to produce a comprehensive Windows based assessment and training system. It is ideal for schools, hospitals, universities, and home therapy and offers a portable, easy-to-use system for voice and speech training,

Dsp Sona Graph (Model 5500)

The DSP Sona Graph, model 5500, is a sound spectrograph. This audio signal analysis workstation includes a real-time spectrograph, a computer-based data acquisition system (with PROM-based software) and a high speed, dual channel FFT analyzer to provide a complete system approach. The unit uses a combination of general microprocessors and special digital signal processing chips to provide a powerful signal analyzer. Any signal in the DC to 32 kHz range can be analyzed by the user and instantaneo


The SoundScope is a speech and sound analysis program designed to record, view, analyze, play, store and print sound waveforms for individuals who have speech disabilities. It features the following analysis routines: Time Waveform, Expanded Time Waveforms, Wideband FFT, Narrowband FFT, LPC, Cepstrum, Spectrogram, LPC History, Fundamental Frequency, Jitter, Shimmer, Harmonic-to-Noise Ratio, Envelope, Energy, Zero Crossing, Spline, LPC Residual, and Average Spectrum.SoundScope provides a powerful

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