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EZ-Robot Humanoid Head With Camera

The EZ-Robot Humanoid Head With Camera is a head for the EZ-Robot so that the robot can recognize its surroundings and display emotions to individuals with learning or cognitive disabilities. Includes a built in 640 x 480 resolution camera for vision tracking with the EZ-Builder software. The eyes include 18 RGB LEDs to display expressions in thousands of custom colors. The two metal gear mini servos operate the neck movements in horizontal and vertical directions. The bottom of the vertical ser

Goldfish Measurement Math Game

The Goldfish Measurement Math Game is a game designed for children or students with learning disabilities to practice early math skills. This game is played with two or more children or students.

Jokus Software: Toystore

ToyStore is a modified educational program from the JOKUS Software series. ToyStore consists of 6 discovery and learning activities to accommodate a wide range of abilities. The program can be run with a single switch with the Macintosh Switch Interface, the Macintosh TouchWindow (see separate entry), an alternative keyboard with Ke:nx, a standard keyboard, or a standard mouse. Toystore includes matching, creating a story, eye-hand coordination and timing activites, and games. COMPATIBILITY: For

Leaps And Bounds - Switch Access

Leaps and Bounds - Switch Access is a switch-adapted pre-reading tutorial program designed for use by children with cerebral palsy or fine motor, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. Combining the most switch friendly activities from the Leaps and Bounds series (see separate entries), this program provides scanning and step switch accessability as well as mouse and keyboard access. This program uses bright and colorful characters to stimulate the imagination of young learners and encou

Number Skills for Teenagers with Down Syndrome (11-16 years) - PDF eBook

The Number Skills for Teenagers with Down syndrome eBook is meant for parents and education professionals of teenagers ages 11-16 years old with Down syndrome. It is intended to provide guidance and advice regarding number skill development in children with Down syndrome, and describes practical activities to assist the development of number skills for children with Down syndrome. This book draws on what is known about the number development of typically developing children to provide guidance a

Quick and Easy Strategies for Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum

Touch Screen 16-17" Monitor Windows (Serial Port)

The Touch Screen 16-17" Monitor Windows (Serial Port) is a touch screen to access teacher and students with special needs' software programs. A finger or pointer activates the screen. It features quick response time with instant feedback. It mounts externally to the monitor, and it is recommended to check the port on the back of the computer to order the proper cable, serial, or USB.


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