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Directional Sense Evaluation

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Following Directions: Left And Right

Following Directions: Left and Right is a tutorial program designed to provide practice in following directions and use of short term memory while reinforcing left/right discrimination concepts for children and adults with language learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, autism and attention deficit disorders. In ten activities of increasing difficulty, students are asked to move objects to particular positions on the screen using the commands "left" and "right.

Goldfish Measurement Math Game

The Goldfish Measurement Math Game is a game designed for children or students with learning disabilities to practice early math skills. This game is played with two or more children or students.

School-Rite Ltrb Galaxy Activity Template (Model 673)

The School-Rite Galaxy LTRB Activity Template, model 673, is a drawing and spatial orientation activity designed for use by children with eye hand coordination, neurological, or fine motor disabilities. This thick plastic stencil can be used for teaching directionality and training student skills in locating objects. It introduces the concepts of left, right, top and bottom, focusing on physical placement of images within the context of a template. It provides sample shapes for recognition and i


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