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Computer Instruction Program

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Apple Iigs Owner's Guide: Disk Edition

The Apple IIGS Owner's Guide: Disk Edition is an ASCII text version of Apple Computer, Inc.'s Apple IIGS Owner's Guide on a single disk for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The disk contains a manual-reading program, permitting the user to read the entire guide with a speech synthesizer. The user may also print a large type or Braille copy of the text. Information on the about the Apple IIGS includes: setting up the machine and booting up the system; formatting disks and using appli

Caketalking For Sonar

CakeTalking for SONAR is a voice output music composition program designed to make SONAR, a software program used for recording music and printing scores, accessible to persons who are blind or have low vision. CakeTalking customizes the JAWS for Windows screen reader (see separate entry) so blind users can access the SONAR software. It also offers a series of tutorials for blind users in the form of electronic documents of hundreds of pages that instruct the JAWS user on all the "how to's," pro


COGS is a problem solving and communication skills training program designed for use by adults with profound cognitive disabilities. Activities are presented through a series of modules designed to facilitate communication between users and caregivers. Modules include Emotions, Spatial Relationships, Choice Restaurant, Lost Keys, and Draw. The modules present real life scenarios in a way that is age-appropriate for adults. With respect for individuality, the modules are designed to stimulate use

Find The Buttons

Find the Buttons is a computer instruction program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This audible button program teaches users about the computer graphical user interface (GUI) by providing audible feedback for the movements of the mouse. The program offers ten sizable and movable on-screen buttons, each of which has its own individual audible tone. As the user leaves a button, another sound is heard. When the mouse is in the margin where there are no buttons, a d

First Keys

First Keys is a language tutorial program and computer keyboarding instruction program designed for children with learning or cognitive disabilities. It links the development of keyboard awareness to early literacy skills. It is suitable for young children or older pupils with learning difficulties. Users develop keyboard skills through picture matching, letter recognition, word building, and spelling exercises. The location of keys is taught by matching letters with pictures and speech. The pro

Intro To Cause And Effect (Model 115)

Intro to Cause & Effect, model 115, is a cause and effect training program designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities. It introduces the user to the computer and the switch. It is also designed to improve tracking ability of objects and increase the user's attention span. Each time the user presses the switch or keyboard, one of 35 animation segments with large, brightly colored geometric shapes appear on the screen accompanied by sounds. Animation segments last for approxim

Keystone Tutor

KeyStone Tutor is a computer instruction program designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This software is designed for those who find it daunting to use speech recognition with a word processor. A simple incentive scheme encourages users to improve their enunciation which leads to higher recognition performance and a greater success rate in using the technology. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible computers. SYSTEM REQ

Opening Windows (Model D-64510-00)

Opening Windows is a voice output program designed as a talking and tactile tutorial for Microsoft Windows for individuals who are blind or visually inpaired. Opening Windows is an instructional kit that provides easy to follow information in three formats for individuals who use screen enlargement, speech access or braille access technology. The instructions are straight forward and simple to follow in combination with the tactile illustrations as the user moves from window to window with keybo

Pc Typer (Model D-57000-00)

PC Typer, model D-57000-00, is a computer instrustion program designed to enhance confidence at a computer keyboard for individuals who are visually diabled. It reinforces mastery of the main characters on the PC keyboard through: Keyboard Drills, prepared fingering drills to increase speed and accuracy; Hurry Scurry, a game for additional keyboarding practice; Open Typing, which offers a blank screen for typing; and Learn the Keyboard, which announces keys pressed to help students learn the key

Talking Literacy Kit For The Apple Iie (Talk)

The Talking Literacy Kit (TALK) for the Apple IIe is a set of materials designed to provide visually impaired children and adults with their first exposure to microcomputers. Tactile, auditory and visual experiences are used. The Teacher Kit includes 11 computer parts for tactile inspection, a keyboard model with brailled keys, a teacher's manual (in print and on cassette), three braille reference guides, and two pieces of speech-output software. The Student Kit includes the following programs:

Thinkin Things Collection 3

Thinkin Things Collection 3 is a computer instruction program designed to build students' thinking and problem solving skills for individuals with a developmental disability. This program will challenge students to develop logical reasoning, analyze and synthesize information, explore elementary computer programming concepts, experiment with physics properties and build key problem solving skills. It allows students to learn how to observe, investigate, and solve problems more efficiently and ef

Type To Learn 4: Agents Of Information

Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information is a program to teach keyboarding skills for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Type to Learn incorporates a number of features for teachers who are working with students with disabilities. These include: setting vocabulary level, adjusting speed and accuracy goals, and displaying letters on the screen in regular or large print. Parts of the program are: "Learn New Keys," "Games" (drills for keys learned), "Speed Up" (speed-building exercises),

Verbal View Of Windows Xp (Model D-10500-00)

Verbal View of Windows XP, model D-10500-00, is audio computer training designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This comprehensive tutorial on Windows XP is written for keyboard users who are blind or have low vision. The CD contains DAISY 3.0 files and presentation software for use on a reading device such as Book Port (model 1-07440-00; see separate entry), as well as in HTML, contracted braille, and text files. Presented for the beginning user, it has minimal technic


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